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Hey guys, I was wondering how much soace should I put inbetween eac sub when building a 2 12" sub set up. The bix dimensions are 35x15x15, but I have a .5 inch indent on each side so its realy morew like a 34" long box. I curently have anout 3.5 inches but i am wondering if that too much. I wat to put some sub grills over the subs to protect them so keep that in mind.
Another question I have is, Should I sucure the box down to th floor in my blazer back, or will the 3/4 mdf be strong enough to do 400rms without any extra movement from the box?
Thanks in advance.

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It doesn't matter how much space there is between them, I just mount them so they are an equal distance from the edge of the box and the center of the subs. As long as you don't go driving over jumps you shouldn't need to secure the box.

u shuld us spel chek nex tim u post.

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Ha Ha, all right viper, I will most certainly keep the option of using the tool spell check in back part mind. Jk, thanks for the help, although I built the box today. It turned out great.

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if i were you i would fasten the box down. especially if you are in the same cabin as your sub. if you ever have to come to a fast stop or happen to rear end somebody, god forbid, you don't want that thing flying toward the front of the car.

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^^exactly, also I think insurance only covers it, if "its part of the car" which means bolted down
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