Alright, this time im dumbfounded?!


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Alright, so i've done the "what fits my car" thing on about every website i can find, and every single time i get different read outs. ALl of them say that 5 1'4s fit in the front but so do 6x8''s and in the back some say 6x8''s and otehrs say nothing. Just by crude measureent, they dotn look like 6x8''s or 5 1/4''s so i have no idea, anyone have any idea what the hell is wrong with me?

1999 Mercury Sable Sedan w/ the upgraded Mach system.

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Why don't you measure?I think that would be the smartest thing to do :-)

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i dont wanna go through taking out all the speakers, door panals and such are very difficult to get off, and i really only wanna have to do it the one time when i change them out...thanks for the advice though, i didnt even think of that...

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just measure the speakers.... not the door cutouts

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you probably have 6x8s all the way around since its a Ford car, but there are adpaters to fit a 5.25 in the hole. Also with the upgraded Mach system you more than likely have an amp to bypass if you are replacing the radio too for FYI or sometimes you can use the amp but not sure on that car.

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^Yep. Sometimes the 6x8's are in a smaller plate in the rear that can accomadate 6x9's.

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alright so your saying i can probably do any of those three types in the car....also for alteraudio, thanks for the idea, unfortunatly the amp has no RCAs and only input and output of speaker wires so i cant figure out a way to utilize the amp, any ideas for that? or is it pretty much scrapped?
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