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I just added some rear speakers for when I have rear passengers in my car, and wanted to if there was a quick way to turn them off/on for when I do/don't have guests? The Alpine is the 9855, I know I can move the balance towards the front, but it doesn't quite sound the same when it was just balanced to the center w/o the rear speakers. The speakers are Alpine Type-Rs and the amp is an Infinity REF7541. I would just tweak the amp but the settings are block by my sub box. Ideas?

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At one time I had a similar setup. What I did was hook up the rear speakers directly to the head unit and kept the front speakers amp'd. The head unit I had at the time had an amplifier cancelling function which turned off the tiny amp in the head unit and kept the RCA outs on-thus the rear speakers could be turned on and off via the amp cancel function on the head unit. Not sure if you have the option available, but it's there.

As a sidenote, my passengers are always surprised when they find out I have no rear speakers, and some have sworn they thought it sounded like I had them. So essentially, not having any rear speakers isn't such a bad thing.

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Well, no luck, I tried searching through the 9855's menus and looked on Alpine's site.

Yea, I used to run just the front like I said. I sat in the back seats with the just the fronts playing and the stage is pretty bad. It sounds like the speakers are way down in the front doors.
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