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ok iv had some led's i got from best buy. the positive wire is fused and has a switch. then the wires go into like a connector thing and branch out into 2 ways and both go to a little oval with 6 led lights in it. i have them kinda under my seats.

i just got my neon tube i bought from archie. it has a little "box" where the power runs into and then you plug in the neon to that. on the box it has a power button and then a music botton and a dial for the sensitivy of the music so it goes with the beat.

getting the the point i thought hey why not wire my led's to the wires comming out of the box going the the neon. i did that and then non of them would turn on. i just figured the box only put enough power to run the neon even though led's are very power effeciant.

ok, well when i hooked everything up the original way it worked. only one problem on each of my little led pods only 2 lights were on. so i re did all of the connections and then three lights were on one side one and a half on the other (the half being dim) now that i really think about it this past week they seemed not as bright as normal, but i didnt really think much about it and never looked at them till now.

the real question is what do you think is up with my leds. is it possible that some of them have burned out, they have probly had less than 100 hours on them 200tops. i thought leds were supposed to last thousands of hours.

give me all of your ideas, if i cant get them to work i guess ill go to best buy buy new ones and put the old ones in the package and return them.
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