I'm impressed. Not surprised, but still impressed.


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So i'm cutting down my system so that i can have some money for college and i got all the way down to 1 Audiobahn A8002T and 1 JL 10w3v2-d4. I thougth i was out of luck since the Bahn does 800wrms@2-ohms, and the JL can be wired to 2 or 8. But i thought id try wiring it to 2ohm and givin that 300wrms woofer a good work out, and i am very impressed. Keeping in mind the gain is set pretty far down, that little 10" is taking that close to 800wrms like a champ. And i actually think the single 10 now with double the wattage is louder than my two 10's that i used to have at their rms rating of 300wrms. Pretty much what im sayin is that yeah JL is pricey, but im very pleased with my sub.

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pricey is an understatement.

I just paid $1500 can cash for a 13w7 JL
and $1700 can cash for a 1000/1 JL

but dude it is totally worth every dime.

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everything brand new out of the boxes

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1500 for a 13w7? get your money back... I can get them for 599 each!! unless you paid 1500 for a pair maybe...

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did i mention canadian cash .

so for the actual sub it self I paid $1000

after the bullshit canadian taxes and a custom ported box + installation. the damage came to $1500.

for my area I did pretty good I think

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yeah jimmy i can get JL 1000/1 for 600 from a dealer in town
you got ripped off

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indeed... i can get any JL half price from a local store..

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did ne one for get????????????
u could of got it all for under 1300 dollars wut were u thinkin bro??????
return it go ebay

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as good as ebay is, i'd not get JL on there. Warranties are nice to have something like that and no store will even talk to you about helping you if something goes wrong. And plus he's talking Canadian prices, why don't a few of you guys go buy it for him and pay the fees and shipping for it if you can get it so cheap.

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yep thats right ^^^ - i talk 2 a few canadians on AIM & s/h & border tax sadly cause them 2 pay sometimes close 2 double what ppl in the usa normally pay .....

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Yeah, audio in Canada is pricey from what I've seen.

I'd get JL off ebay any day of the week as long as the price is right and the equipment is working to specs...

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You wanna talk pricey its 400 CDN for an alpine MRP-M350 over here and at anotber place its 799 for PG Xenon 400.1. Canada sucks for car audio

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anyone know the duty charge on amps ? im buying my amps from woofersetc soon.. duty charges are so dumb :\
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