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Ya...Well i tried to install my cdt comps today with no luck. After i finally got off my door panels, and removed the old mid driver, i was quick to realize that not only my new speaker was too deep, but it was also to wwide to fit in the factory plastic speaker mount. So i began cutting up the mount to fit my speaker when i realized that the magnet hits the i dont know what to do. I have been thinking about putting down a layer double sided sticky tape and cutting a circle out of particle board that would fit my speaker and screw it right in. Would that be good?? Also, i have also realized that i have no idea how to wire through the door hinge. I have asked alot of ppl and they said to just use the stock thin wire....I'm stuck

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Even though the stock wire is thin, it should work fine.

It sounds like you plan to put particle board underneath the ring of the speaker so that it will be able to stick out more and the magnet won't hit the window? Will the door panel still fit on with the speaker extended like that? What kind of car is this?

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Ya it should still work fine. The car is a 1996 honda accord. Ya i am exstending it so that the speaker wont hit the window, I believe it would have fit fine if the speaker wasnt to big for the stock plastic mounts. So i am just trying to extend it out just as much as stock..

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if you dont want to make one, you can jus buy one for pretty cheap at CC. its makes it so tat the speaker is out more. i think its plastic and the base of it is wide and then goes thinner (like a cone shaped) to your speaker ring

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ok just do what i did. cut a peice of plywood out to fit the new speaker and attatch one or two layers if you need to make it stick out further so the magnet will fit in.

dont use stock wire, run new speaker wire to you amp. the easyest way i have found after doing a few installs on differnt cars is to just take the door off and drill a hole in the door and the car and run the speaker wire threw it and then seal it up with some calking when your done

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Ok so I am not a wiz when it comes to systems. I currently have 2-12"
Kicker CompVR subs that are 400 RMS each. It is at a 2 ohm impedance.
It is powered by a Power Acoustik TS1920W 2-channel Amp which is 2 ohm
stable rated at 2 ohms at 440W x 2. Everything works great but I
recently purchased a Power Acoustik LT1440W 2-channel Amp which is
rated at 4 ohm at 300W x 2. I also purchased 2-10"Kicker CVR subs at
300 RMS each. Lastly I purchased a Power Acoustik 5 faret Compacitor.
The amps are both bridgeable. Now my question is how I connect all of
these components together without destroying my car? Are there more
things to purchase (other then wires). Am I going in the right
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