Sony Xplod Cd Player problems


I have been having some problems with my Sony CDX-L550X Xplod car cd player. Sometimes it will play with no problems, but for the majority of the time it will flash error on my cds, and not play them at all. This goes for brand new, just out of the wrapper Cds as well as my older discs. I have tried cleaning it with a disc cleaner dozens of times and still no good. I recently re-installed the cd player that came with the car (I don't use it normally because it used to be not as good as the Sony) and it plays all my discs fine. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to fix my Sony player?

I have the same problem. Hope someone knows what is going on. Blowing out the unit with some canned air seemed to help, but the problem came back almost immediately.

I have the same problem too but with my CD Player, a normal one, like walkman, first it played well all normal cds and burned cds (no rewritable) then, it began to marc error on my burned cds, then it didnt play them at all, and now it marcs error on my normal cds and i have to switch on the SCAN mode to first scan the songs and then play them all well, can some one tell me what should i do? o and every time that it dosent read a burned cd, it apears on the little screen " nf disc"

if it was 150 return it and get an alpine...spend the extra money and ud never have that problem again! thats all i can say
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