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Alright so I went to my local circuit city today and I got some unfortunate news. I have a 1999 Mercury Sable with the upgraded 6-speaker system with a rear amp. So I am putting in 2 10'' ascendant audio subs and a Nine.1 edesignaudio amp. So I was looking to put in a pioneer head unit also, but I found out that is impossible. The front piece that I have would need to be fixed because it's an oval, with a dash kit. The problem is I have an upgraded system so the air conditioning and everything that is attached to it is electronic, and they don't have a kit for that one in existence. So, the idea of a head unit is out. I want to hook in my I-pod straight to the radio, as well as eventually a DVD player and I also need RCA's for the amp. So I can get an FM modulator for the antenna which will give me two RCA's and also I can do a Hi-Lo from the speakers behind the radio to the amp for the other one. So that's my situation, so here are my many questions.

Is having a factory head unit and not a aftermarket one going to hurt the sound of my system even though I have the upgraded system with a factory amp in the back that pushes more power to my speakers?

I am putting in 2 10'' Ascendant Audio Speakers which are going to obviously hit the lows, so if I want a good sound for the highs what kind of speakers should I go for? Component? How can I hit those highs really good? What is the normal frequencies of a "hi" "low" and "mid" speaker? Any other Suggestions?

With buying wiring for the system, the company that is sold through Circuit City is called Tsunami, are they any good? Any company suggested for wires more than another?

What is the thing called that is an add-on next to the amp that holds power? How is this supposed to help the system? Does it help preserve the battery?

What are the Voice Coil wires from sub to sub? Speaker wires, or is voice coil just a different type of wire?

I have more I just can think of them all at once....thanks guys if u can offer any help at all.

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capacitor is the add on thing for a amp,it conserves power for short bursts you may need,it keeps the light from fading ect.

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I'm not sure about the First Question.

Yes, Having a factory head unit will hurt your sound because a aftermarket one has a built in amplifier to enchance your sound.

About the speakers, A good set of Front Door components would hit the high notes good, not sure about the frequencies.

I wouldn't buy anything from Circuit City, check ebay for wiring i'm sure it would be cheaper.

I Think The add on you are referring to is a power capacitor, i'm not sure how it helps your system, but i'm sure it does help it, my cousin has one and it helps his a little.

And as for reccomendations on your speakers, and possible a new head unit, whats your budget?

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mike, take your car to a real car audio store, they'll get a aftermarket hu in there for you, if there at least half decent.

as for speakers, post in speaker section, alteraudio will hook you up with a deal on cdt's. i've only heard them maybe a couple times, not sure which ones, and i liked them, there a good buy. and i would just leave the rear speakers stock, and just amp the comp. set in the front.

as far as a cap. goes they do help your system by delivering short bursts of power to your amps, but it's really not needed. and don't get one until after you get a ho alt., if you must.

and don't let cc install your stuff, majority of the time their idiots, unless you know the people at yours i'd go somewhere else.

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Im not letting anyone touch my car....haha circuit city isnt going to install it, i went there for information only, i want to install myself. The only probem with havaing a really car audio place install a head unit in my car is the money it will cost...i dont wanna pay all that. U all said that having a factory head unit is going to hurt because aftermarkets put amplified sound to the speakers....the car came with an amp in the back, so doesnt that make up for it?
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