New Punch Stage 1 and 2 T1/T2 ?


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Thats a link to the T1

This the T2

Waow these subs I was being told are the best that Rocksford has come out with till this date. Im not shore will these be overrated like the P3s or if they actually will be good any ideas?

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i heard last night a 12" RF T sub powered off a directed d2400 amp so i figured it has 2 be a T2 - it was in a slot ported box firing upwards in a wagon like mine & it sounded really nice/loud/deep

so i would have 2 say ppl here who just outta the blue say they suck prolly never hread a good installed T2 - a bit pricey but i really like that 1 i heard .....

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my friend has 2 T2 15s in a ported box with a T20001 amp. its very loud but lacks sq. for the price i would look at other stuff honestly. he spent over $3,000 just on the subs and amp at a local shop, its not worth that at all.

theres a few power HX2s on ebay. i would get them over a T2 anyday, it is one of rockfords best subs.

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yeah those power hx2s are pretty bad.

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at my local car audio shop, this guy hector has 4 t1 in a cut through pickup, its hits hard and clean, it makes me have to itch my nose after i get out of the car, but the only thing i dont like is the price, i think there is better subs for cheaper, but if you got the money i guess, but if i was spending that much i would have hade alot better products

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this should help

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this should help

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the thing with rockford is that any ok thing such as an amp or sub costs too much, like JL. Before buying a rockford sub i would consider many brands. Only thing i would buy from rockford is their X6 X7 amp line, underrated and cheap. 400$ for a 1700w+ amp is a nice deal.

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I installed a T1 12" in a friends truck about 2 weeks was pretty loud, but was lacking in SQ.

The box was 2.2cuft net tuned to 35hz w/ 2 4" flared ports.

Its a decent sub, if you can find it cheap.
BTW...$400 is WAY too high a price for that sub...$200 is more like what its worth.
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