Which sub do you think is better?


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I want to upgrade my stereo to have the loudest bass possible and still sound good, so in order to do that which of these subs would be better:

Resonant Engineering SX15, or
Digital Designs 9515?

Or, is there another sub that I should consider?
I would appreciate everyones opinions on this.

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9515 is one of the best subwoofers money can buy.

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Thanks for the responses guys, does anyone know what a DD 9915 would cost, I can't find a price but I have heard that they are very expensive.

The RE SX15 costs about $275, I was thinking about getting two of those.

Does anyone know of a better sub than the SX15 for $275 ? I am more interested in SPL but I want the SQ to still be good.

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the same guy that is selling that has another one he has up for sale on ebay as well.

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^^^ dam. i would take that in a heart beat if i had the money

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me too, damn!

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For the price you can't go wrong with the SX. The DDs are a better sub and will get louder. I own two SX 15"s but if I had the money to upgrade subs along with everything else I'd get some DDs. Love my SXs though, better SQ than I'd thought they would have.

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kevin i noticed you have them tuned to 28hz thats pretty cool you dont see many SX 15s that low.

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MS where did you find prices for the SX

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^^ There was a price list posted somewhere on this forum.

Also, does anyone know how the SX 15 would compare to a DD 3515 ?

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