I'll Give This A Try....


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Im willing to give it a try but earlier today I was reading on another forum about cheap speakers that have blown away many well known reliable brands... One name that kept popping up was ROADMASTER, yea the brand from walmart. This was quoted in another forum "I've bought cheap speakers that have surprised me before. One pair of 6x9's I bought at Wal-Mart had a cast aluminum frame,and sounded the best of any 6x9's I've ever listened to. I think they were Roadmasters" and I went on ebay and they are selling for over $50.... I ve never heard of them but maybe one of you have... So im gonna give them a try because at walmart they cost about $17.

PS: The Link for the speakers on ebay is http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Roadmaster-6x9-3-way-RS900-speakers_W0QQcmdZViewI temQQcategoryZ46093QQihZ001QQitemZ110004438294QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

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they probably sounded the best to that person cuz they have never heard anything halway decent before. i say don't buy them not even worth the $20 risk.

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lol waste your money since it grows on trees

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Yeah seriously, people who buy 6x9s aren't exactly the 'most well informed' when it comes to car audio...

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I am running 3 sets of them and for 20 a set they can handle some pretty good bass. I bought one set just to blow up, but it took 85wrms and sounded decent too. So I got 2 more sets for Fill areas of my van. They dont compare to the Polk dbs at all. but as rear fill, the work.
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