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I was wondering if anyone has any input. I have 2 problems that were just presented to me lately:

1)When I'm just cruisin around my components will randomly get louder for a few seconds then get quieter for the majority of the time. This happens all the time to me and it gets so annoying. I have Polk MOMO components and a Directed 500/2 giving them 125 watts each. I have a prediction as to why this is happening: The components should be loud the whole time, but my weak civic stock alt only has about 65 amps and that isn't nearly enough to supply my 1050 watts rms my system is drawing. I should recieve my HO alt from Nate any day now and I have my 0ga ready for the big 3 also. Also I have a very low model Pioneer head unit with 2v pre-outs and just purchased a nicer Pioneer Premier with 4v pre-outs. After I do these upgrades do you think it will fix the problem?

2) I hit a corner going too fast and my amps weren't secure so they slid around and my whole system turned off. Later I found out the grounds were unplugged so after I plugged them back in, my system doesn't hit nearly as hard as before. :-( Also, I noticed my sub was distorting and it didn't before that happened. The thing is, the gain never moved. Now I have to keep it down and it doesn't hit hard anymore. THIS SUCKS! (I got a 12" arsenal in a sealed box with a Directed 1500d with 800 watts goin to it)

Sorry for the long post

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i'd have to say that it would have to deal with the fact that your alternator is only 65 amps. THat's extremely small for what kind of power you are attempting to push. See if all is better after your upgrade. If it isn't then it could be a bad ground somewhere.

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make sure that your ground didnt come loose at the gnd point to the vehicle aswell when it got yanked on. maybe you damaged a rca when your amps went sliding and now you are only running half the music, thats about all I can think of right now.

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yep just might be a loose ground wire, or maybe remote wire?....
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