10" Kappa Perfect and a dead amp....What to do?


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Until a week ago I had been pushing my 10" Kappa Perfect with a Coustic 400se. It melted down and I had smoke comin' out the trunk.....nice. The smell lingers. I had set this up about a year ago and was never too impressed with the punch and SQ. Do you guys think it was more the amp or the sub or a mismatch of the two. I've gotta replace the amp cuz I can't let this sub sit dead and endure the lack of lows. Upside is I've got an excuse to buy a new amp but the downside is that I need to keep the price down to ~300. I've got decent 200W rated Pioneers in the back and doors. They are hooked up to the head unit now but since I've gotta get a new amp I'm considering getting a 5 channel to push everything. Any recommendations on how to power up this system and get the most of the sub would be hardcore appreciated. Thanx!

here you go this site has a few good 5 channel amps if i was you i would go with the kicker KX700.5 but it is $79.00 more then you want to spend.


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Thanks. I've already gone ahead with the advice of some friends and bought a kicker KX600.1 to push the sub. I'll get it this week and post what I think of it after install.
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