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Lets say you had (2) JL 10w6v2. Would it be better if you had (2) 500.1 amps or (1) 1000.1? Mathematically you are using the same amount of wattage but Does it work like that in the world of amps and watts? I was wondering because it would be cheaper for me to get 2 500.1's oppose to 1 1000.1. What do you perfer?

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well since i have 2 JL 10W6v2 and i am running them with a 1000.1 i would say use the 1000.1. but if you can't afford it then get the 2 500.1. but i really perfer to use one amp to me it is easier to install and you do not have to really worry about one of the amp pushing harder then the other but that is just my opinion. GlassWolf can tell you better then I can.

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I would say stick with what you think is the better deal. If it was me i would go with one amp. Because then you only are running one 4 gauge power and ground and fuse. Also you are not needing to splice remote and RCA cords. One amp is easyer because if there is a problem you only have to look at one of everything rather than two AMPs, two powers, etc.. But i have hooked up two AMPs before and its really not that hard. It could end up costing you a little more money in terms of fuses and cable but you think about it.

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either way you'll use about the same current
if its cheaper take the two 500/1 amps
that'd be 500w each
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