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I am looking for a headunit and came across this ic_W0QQitemZ8077200007QQihZ019QQcategoryZ38649QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
Is this fa real or are they selling like a model of these things??? Anyone know bout it??? Bought it b4??? I would buy it but i dont have an ebay acount bc i got suspended for some bs???

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no, stay away from thoes. they are scams. i think a while back, a couple people on here purchased one of thoes things just to see, and none ever received the items.

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like a pyramid scheme, your name goes on a list

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It says right in the auction..."this is a LINK and you will receive an email with the information after the payment gets clear"

So you can purchase the head unit for a good price with their list. Most of the time, the list is either wholesale pricing, or a matrix. A matrix is where you can buy product cheap, but you are put on a list and have to wait for a specified number of people to also buy the product before you actually get it.

Not a scam, per se, but deceitful. I hate those auctions mostly because they take up space when I'm looking for a specific item, kind of like the idiots who put "Kicker Comp VR 12 Sub ppi arc zapco zed" as part of the description just to get more hits...
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