Is it recomended to put the power wire to the side post of a optima battery???


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I have a 95 gt mustang and the guy who installed my battery used the side post to hook up my power wire, is this recomended? or should it go directly on the top post like it was before? will there be any current problems?

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there shouldnt be. i have seen them both ways.

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it should be fine.. some guys only have side post and run into no problems as long as the contact is good

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i gota ? on this say i get my yellow top the dual 1 top an side post will it be ok 2 use the side 1 as for all my stock wiring an the top post for my big 3 an my 2nd batterie wire from the back 2 my amps on the top post thankx

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the side and top posts are connected. doesn't make any difference which posts you use.

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Actually with the manual that comes with the optima, it recomends using the top post if possible, and only using the side posts for stock wiring/charging. So if possible, you should avoid running your main wires from the side post, if it's possible you can use the top. (Better connection point on the top, than the side, I believe is the reason for this.)
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