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Hey does anyone know what wire out of the back of the stereo the accessory wire is? Also where is the best place to ground the amp in the trunk, and where is a good place to run the power cable through the firewall??? Thanks.

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For the power wire the is already a hole on the driver side just pull the carpet back and all that. It wasn't larger enough for 2ga so I just drilled a new one right beside it for it. On the ground, I just drilled a spot on the left side of the trunk and sanded it and that was my ground.

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Where exactly below the carpet all i found was the spot where the steering stuff went through the fire wall. And where would i find a remote wire?

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the remote wire for the amp?

It's a solid blue wire (usually) the connects to the atenna wire on the back the of HU.

On the firewall there are usually gromits and there are usually ones that are not being used. Look under the hook and see if there are any gromits unused. and that where u are going to run the power wire through. If there is no spot ur going to need to drill a hole, make sure you dont drill and hit any wires inbetween the firewall because that can be a big problem. i take a punch and poke a dent on the inside of the car and see where about the dent it shown throuh under the hook. when u do drill the hole, make sure you use a gromit so that the power wire wont run against the metal

for the fround, you can do what cameron said and drill a hole and then sand down the paint until you get to bear metal, but i ran mine under my seat belt latch. On most cars that seat bely attaches to this beefy lookin bolt, where the seat belts come out of. I took that apart (very simple) and grounded it under there.

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2000 Nissan Altima Stereo Information
Constant 12V+ Pink
Switched 12V+ Blue
Ground Vehicle Chassis
Illumination Red/Green
Dimmer Red/Yellow
Antenna Trigger Green/White
Antenna Rear Window
Front Speakers 4" x 6" Doors
Left Front (+) Brown
Left Front (-) Black/Red
Right Front (+) Light Green
Right Front (-) Black/Yellow
Rear Speakers 6 1/2" Rear Deck
Left Rear (+) Orange
Left Rear (-) Black/Pink
Right Rear (+) Blue
Right Rear (-) Black/White

• Alarm Information • Cruise Information

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Thank you very much. I noticed that the switched remote is the same color as the right rear. How will i tell them apart? Also does the remote wire go into the trunk?

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the speaker will be right next to the other speaker lead....

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remote goes to wherever the amp is and wither to the switched fuse power or into the fuse box under switched fuse...

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Ok, thanks for the help. I got it working.
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