Fuses on amps


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i have always read and heard that you can tell the power capabilities and quality of an amplifier just by looking at the power fuses, is this true? if so my amp has (4) 40a fuses, is that good???

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Well really that depends. The fuses only specify the maximum safe current the amp should draw. There are a lot more factors involved in the quality of the amp. Things like distortion ratings, slew rates, wattage at rated voltage, etc.

What you can use the fuses for is to see if the proposed power output is feasible.

Say an amp says its 600W peak. Now at 14.4 volts(something car batteries and charging systems never maintain under load) it needs to draw about 42 amperes of current. Now if the amp has a 20 amp fuse, there is no way the amp can produce that power. Next you have to take into account that amplifiers are never 100% efficient either so that current rating would be even higher.

Best way to know if any product is good is to find people who own them and see what they think. Read reviews too, I find those to be rather helpful when I'm making a decision on what to buy. Good Luck in the future.

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IF the fuses are the proper size, you can tell the max output of the amp.
that's about it.

a crappy amp can still have large fuses
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