OT - Car companies that own other car companies ...


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very interesting stuff


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good stuff, if you dont already know... :-O
I had that list memorized.

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if you are into to cars you definately already about that just like B i have that list down and have had for a while.

OT: it's interesting to see that MITSU bought a precentage of Isuzu I can't imagine why seeing as that mitsu has been having their own problems w/ car sales and profits.oh well :-)

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The comments in that blog broke out into American vs the rest of the world built cars...very interesting to read.

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awesome website.:-)

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pretty good but like B said if you didn't know. But actually stuff has changed like VW buying into Fiat, but not Ferrari. Whats even more interesting those is WHO USES WHO. Lets see, VW uses Maserati's transaxle setups from some of its newer cars allowing the engine to be placed behind the front axles, Saturn uses the Honda V6, Honda for a while used the Isuzu platforms for its SUVs, Maserati is looking to use Audi's aluminum tech and 4wd system, Mitsu and Chrysler built cars, etc. Business is business, you do what you got to do to survive.
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