Alpine Type R -vs- Cerwin Vega V-max (regarding value and regarding spl)


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Which is more value for my $$$?

I want the one with the most spl in a small sealed enclosure @ 900 watts (whether it be 2 or 1 subwoofer). Anyways, any other rival suggestions come to mind? If so, I'm all ears. Tight budget... so keep it in this price range, guys.
Thanks a million.

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pick up a type r off of ebay...maybe even 2

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pick up 2 type rs for about 220 shipped i think on ebay.

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in small sealed I would take the v-max over the r's all day long.

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do u have an amp already?

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02GPpIMPIN: yes, i have a 900 watt Digital Audio class D 1ohm stable.

James Longo: Please explain!

I know the type R's are slightly underrated... so i would assume that the RMS on the alpine is maybe 500 - 600, right? Well, same thing with the v-max (according to the specs). Except, the type r has a 1200 or 1500 watt max (can't remember), and the v-max doesn't show a max.
Not that it matters too much, but it makes me curious.
Also, like I said before... I'm wondering which sub would perform better SPL-wise in a small enclosure. I've never heard the v-max before.

Regarding durability: which do you guys think is the better buy for the money?

*** If there's a rival sub you guys can think of besides these 2... please tell me***

Thanks, everyone.
Ecoustics RULES!!!!
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