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No really, check it.....

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D @ M N

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i seen deer/car accidents pix b4 - but that is 1 busted up deer -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww ! ......

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thats excellent that happened once at bandcamp

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u guys wana see crazier sh1t go to but im warning u unless u wana to see real pictures of real dead people

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dat sh!ts gota b fake..but if it aint..ive seen worse..

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pelon..thats were ive seen worse..the worse ive ever seen was when they caught that sniper n cut off his head..but if any1 wants to see that vid...ull most likley be perminetly damaged...just heads up

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whatever you do dont look at

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thats a total right off and that trail blazer.
all I got to say is 80mph +

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thats alot of blood and other stuff

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not real. blood doesn't look like that, even after a certain time from an accident such as that one. Looks like jello and a whole bunch of other fabricated stuff. I would know, I've attended quite a few autopsies.

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if its real that guy was flying, i bet some of that blood is from the drivers head... haha i thing the deer would be in worse shape than that if he really hit it and made that mess

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it looks fake and how come they didnt show the guy that w as driving? And the front seat is covered in blood it should be cleaner since thats were the guy was sitting and the blood suppossed to get all over him..... its fake

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Fu*k i know some really gruesum sites, i saw them at night and i was all paranoid. Go to:

Remember though guyz ur being warned that u may pass out and get scured!!!
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