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I Wrote kicker about what type of amps are used to power what and they sent me this can you explain it cause im tryin to learn about systems

Anytime you run subs you will want to run them in low pass. Signal processors are for more manipulation over the system they allow you to choose a certain frequency & either boost or cut it depending on what it needs. Mono block amps are used for subs only they are usually D class amps & are more efficient than class ab amps but do not have as great of a dampening factor. Class ab 2 & 4 channel amps are used for mids & highs they are not as efficient as the d class amp but have much greater dampening. The CVR model speakers are subwoofers. Let me know if you have anymore questions

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That's horrible grammar...it's a bunch of sentences and ideas compressed into a tiny paragraph...

Subwoofers work best when you use a Low Pass Filter, meaning only low frequencies go to the subwoofer. The high frequencies just sound bad.

Mono block amplifiers (Class D) are more efficient and better for subwoofer applications. Mono block amplifiers only have one channel of output, thus 'mono.'

It would be a great deal easier if you just told us what the question is you asked them as they didn't do it very well...haha.

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could some one explain what he means by dampening?

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Google damping factor.
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