AMP problems - please help!


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I went to a drive in movie and me and my friends disconnected my amp so we could take out my speakers to have more room in the back of my truck.... when I was reconnecting the wires I accidentally touched the ground to the "+" place and it sparked... I checked the fuses and they are still in working condition BUT my amp is not getting any power... have I ruined my amp? ALSO I have two 15" Rockford Fosgate's in an enclosed box, if I have to get another amp what should I get to get the best sound?
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!

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prob blown power supply, but see for sure if your getting power at the amp(use a test light) if no power then the fuse is prob blow, even though it mayu not look like it, sometimes they blow at the very top of the glass fuse where you can not see it.

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Yeah, and if you are getting power and the fuse is good, you might as well just open up the amp and see if any of the mosfets are fried.

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*smile.... thanks... I am not good with electronics at all... I apologize for all the questions but what exaclty is a light test... would I be better off getting a new amp? What kind of amp should I get for two 15's I read a 1500watt amp with 2 channels? When I get it can I use the connections that I already have (amp kit and speaker wire) I am in minneapolis and to get this checked or re-installed professionally it will cost me 100's of dollars *sigh
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