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I have a 2002 Honda Civic. I know hondas have weaker alts, so this is my question. I am looking to install a JL 300/2 and Alpine MRP T130 (50x2) (to power front focal 165KP and rear focal 165v1 comp sets respectively). What all do I need for this install? If I add an Infinity Basslink, am I going to need to do some alternator fixing or will I be alright? I dont turn gains up or anything of the sort. I used to have an 85x4 and Basslink (pre-theft) and that ran things fine, aside from a very slight dim of the lights (had to be looking for it to notice it). Ok now that I have that out of the way here is the rest of my question. What kind of D block would be adequate? What wiring kit would be good for the amp? Speaker wire is already there (from the 4 channel amp install). I really appreciate the help! One last question, totally unrelated...for focal 165v1 comp set, do I need the focal X-over (thats could run me a pretty penny, stolen as well), or would something like a dayton work? I really appreciate the help guys!!!

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speaker amps don't cause dimming as bad as sub amps. theres really no sudden drastic demands of current. you'll prob be fine. the gains will affect the ammount of current draw because obviously if you aren't putting out but half the power, you'll only be pulling half the current draw, approx.

a dist block is a dist block for the most part. only options there is the size wire they will accept and if they also hold fuses.

knukonceptz has good stuff for good prices, check them out. they also have an ebay store. stinger. thoes are the only names that come to mind.

for the crossovers, it'd be best to run the ones the speakers were designed with. some have different compensations and adjustments to go with the specific speakers that the Daytons won't have. only real option there would be to go active. check out ebay for the crossovers. they sometimes have odds and ends on there like that. or maby even contact Focal and see if they might help you out, never know.
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