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I live in Australia and dont get the brand range as the US gets...So i dont get to hear many different subs in action apart from, Alpine, Pioneer etc. I have heard a JL Audio 12" (the top end 12") and it thumps, but i hear Rockford Fosgate are the best...???

Can anyone help me out with what they recomend i get, i mean im pretty sure it will be out of the Rockford or the JL.

Cheers for the Help


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Username: Aussie_boy

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Nah its all good pal, still nice and sunny durin the day, startin to get a bit chilly at night like,

got any suggestions on the sub issues??

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I always thought Florida would be hot as hell, i really got know idea coming from Aus bro. haha

Well i was just planning on getting just one sub, either the JL or the Rockford, and putting them into a box, no special boxs or design, just put in the boot and let it thump.

Whats the difference between series or parrallel wiring?? and whats the go with the boxs with the holes in the for the air release...why do subs in those boxs sound much better??

So many questions I know...I just want the loudest and best sounding sub.


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Cheers bro appreciate your help aye!

Let us know of any other suggestions?


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if your looking for SPL id go rockfered and if your looking for SQ go with JL, Rockfered tend to give out lots of SPL, people that win competitions usually have rockfered fosgates if u can though get yourself a dd3500 or dd9500 way better then Rockfered

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yeah rockfors suxs bro my friend works for them he got two power stage 3 with titanium cones suposed to be value at 1400 msr for each 15 inch sub is massive but the sq is worst than some sonys or bahns and the spl ummm is acceptable but alot of 500 bucks subwoofers will beat those power 3 so dude get some dd, ascendant audio, treos soundsplinter if ur goin for spl ill go with atomic speakers apx www.atomicspeakers.coom one of the most spl woofers out there

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the best is diamond audio D9 any size

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Andy the JL (idk what modle he's thinking about) but they are MUCH better than the P series, my cousin has 2 P1 12's and they are CRAP! they don't get loud and they sound like crap as well, he is better off getting something else maybe an R or something or if he is talking about the JL 12W7 then he should get that, but the P series SUCKS!

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who is the dum*BA*ss that originally told you rockford was the best??? HAHA. most all rockfords suck. i wouldnt have trouble choosing between RF and jl audio if i could afford them both!! lol. maybe if you were choosing between rockford and kenwoods.

id go with jl if you can afford it, definantly.
although dont go for the lower models, they dont have much spl.

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