Seth Lowe, I see your running a 12 farad capacitor...


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Seth, is that a "Batt Cap" as described by glasswolf?
"Another item I'd like to touch on is the more recent advent of the high capacity capacitors (25, 50, 100+ Farad capacitors) and so-called "BattCaps."

These types of capacitors have extremely high ESR values which makes them very bad choices for the uses mentioned above. They are usually carbon-film based capacitors in order to get such high values, as opposed to the much lower ESR electrolytic capacitors you tend to find in teh 20 volt 1Fd type cylinder style units.
End result is avoid anything like the 100Fd capacitors like a plague."

How is that working for you???


check out my install

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The Kole Audio 12 farad capacitor? It's junk. Totally. It's actually not even in my system anymore. I'm not actually sure what it's ESR is, as I've never been able to locate it, and also, this particular model is extremely poorly built. I've had three, literally, THREE of these end up becoming non-operational. Plus, you need a remote power to turn it on, even.. (not that big of a deal, but still.. Almost every other cap out there turns itself on by detecting voltage changes etc..

Crap. 100%.
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