This may be a Odd Question.


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Is it possible to wire two amps together?

I mean is it possible to take 2 600RMS mono amps and wire them together for a 1200RMS load on 1 channel?
And if it is possible would that make a 4ohm sub load seem like a 2 ohm load on the amps?

Sorry if this is a dumb question , But That is how we all learn.


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There are some amps that are capable of running current like this, but extremely few. Also in rare instances you can wire each voice coil of a DVC woofer to a single amp, but I would not recommend that, as you can rarely be sure that tuning will be exact to each coil, and the two fighting each other can be disastrous.

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what amps are u looking at. kicker's can do that, like my kx600.1.

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if your sub happens to be dual voice coil (dvc) 2 ohm on each coil just wire each amp a seperate coil.....

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it is very simple to wire multiple amplifiers to a single woofer with multiple voice coils. It won't be disastrous as long as you use a multimeter to do it correctly.

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A question from Rave'n! Wow thats unusual, lol.

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no its,,, now a ?uestion from me is rare

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you can wire two amps together i saw a system with 3 18inch solo X by kicker and they had to kicker amps per SOLO X so they had 6 amps all together

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lol i know chauncey, i saw u just ask a quesiton on the sub forum bout like sealed arsenal or sumthin like that & i was like wow thats unusual.
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