Car Audio good to know, or useless knowlege??


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Im tired of ppl sayin that car audio is useless knowledge! I luv learnin bout it so u can know more about what u put in ur trunk. Lotz of ppl tell me that and i get so POed! Its cool to learn also cuz u could teach other ppl that are dedicated to learn. What do u guyz think??

By the way this is one of my top hobbies.

Is there any careers that pay well with knowledge of car audio? Thanx peeps.

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I hear car audio shops don't make too much money. I dont know that for sure.

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Betsy layne, Kentucky..GO... USA duh

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id say owning ur own company like RE would be a good pay job.
but i loce learning about car audio because it involes a lot of math and scientific principals. I was always gifted in those fields and i always loved the rumble of the woofers

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sooo true havoc soooo true

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Kool so i wonder if there is any other wayz of makin good money??

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well what do you consider good money? for some it is 20K/year and for others its 500K/year
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