Need amp suggestions @ $300 for a 100x4 @4ohms


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Ok then, Is any one using a good 4 channel amp? I am going to power 4 6x9 polk DBs. I just bought the Infinite 7541A and am not impressed. I hooked up two speakers, front left and right, and it was not loud at all. (my Optimus 170, 85x2 @ 4ohms pounded harder with less distorion, For real.) So anyway Im returning the 7541A tommorow. I still want a four channel amp that is load as heck. the speakers can handle @ 100rms or so , so thats what Im looking for. Preferably someone has an amp and gives advice on it, some ppl just seem to say "get the JL, the PG, the orion," Ya i know they are good amps but unless you have one and can vouch for its sound, please dont reply. Thanks.

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Try to find a phoenix gold Xenon 100.4 - I'm currently running three Xenon amplifiers, and couldnt be happier with them. :-)

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look at jbl's amps. i forget what models and dont wanna look, but i know they have i beleive two 100 x 4 watt rms amps. ones better and can put out full power from 1-4 ohm, but both are good amps.

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check out my post for the mvrf345 alpine. 75rms @4 ohm or 100x4 @ 2ohms, my birth sheet says 109 i belive, make a offer please.

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Boston, MA

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Sorry guys I got one. went with a Zapco.. Man that thing sounds clean, and loud.
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