Ot: wats the maximun db allowed by the police??


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hey the police stop me today cuz i was thumpin really hard i did a video but is on my truck and they took it f@ck those b!tches so i want to know wats the maximun db that is allowed to drive in the streets,

oh i just bought a hifonics bx2006d it was my second day and those mother????? took it too my sterring whell and head unit shaked like it was a earthquka well i will post the video when i get the truck back

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they took your truck because it was too loud?

umm...just wondering, but how many sound tickets have you had before? and what time of day were you bumpin?

the truth is, they should not be able to take your truck just for the system...unless you were doing other things that are illegal.

as for the sound level allowed by law...most places dont go by an set SPL. they usually go by distance you can be "plainly heard". around here its like 50ft...i think.


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yeah the court receip or wateva said audible sound systems over 75 ft, dude i put 20 hz tone dude i felt like sh!t in there even they toook my truck im happy cuz it was loud as hell

but anyone know if theres a maximun db that is allowed by the police??

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no if they can clearly hear it from a MAXIMUM of 100FT then thats the law DB is NO part of it

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some places have db rules. My apartments its like 120dbs from the parking lot. Guy had some sort of mic and all in the car.

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i got my moms car impounded cause the radio was too loud

that was about 6 years ago

never had been pulled over for the sound before then

i didnt even have any subs in the car.. just two six inch house speakers

and no.. they shouldnt be able to take your vehicle because its too loud.. your not putting anyones life in danger while driving it and you are a person known to have a vehicle in case of an emergency.. but if your ride got impounded for the radio and grandma needs a ride to the hospital.. she is sh!t outta luck

you gotta pay for a ticket and an impound fee and she has to pay for an ambulance ride

and since the deaf can drive.. why cant we have loud radios?

the local cities are making money on us and are discriminating us at the same time

around here there is a big bright light that lets us know when an emergency vehicle is coming.. many times way before we can hear it

heres somethin i read:

Some auto dealers refuse to let deaf people test-drive a car, claiming that it's too risky. In fact, deaf drivers have a better overall safety record than their hearing counterparts do. Since driving is primarily a visual activity, deaf drivers often excel. Nonetheless, hey have faced various forms of discrimination for nearly a century. Charging deaf people more for insurance is an old injustice, but nowadays, deaf drivers aren't necessarily charged more because they're deaf. As for licensing, deaf people take the same tests hearing drivers do. They may be required to have a wide-angle rear-view mirror. In Illinois, they can have an optional "J88" code added to their license, for the benefit of highway police. But some folks have the odd notion that deaf people can't drive cars, and are surprised to learn that they assuredly can, and perhaps more surprised to learn that they're good at it.
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