6.5 Comps With Low Mounting Depth


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Hi, I have a 04 WRX...and the speaker mounting depth is really small and I was wondering what was the best set of comps. I could put in there.....my price is around $250...I dont really want any good bass from them (why get bass when u have subs right?).....I want it to be get really loud and be clear at the same time bacically just like everyone else...Thanks.

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infinity kappas have shallow mounting depth

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EF-61Neo's. Quite nice for a shallow mount speaker. PM me if interested.

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EF-61Neo's. Quite nice for a shallow mount speaker. PM me if interested.

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DLS could prob fit

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look into adding a MDF ring to add some additional mounting depth. shave the door panel down a little if it hits the speaker. thats what i did. scroll down a little on this page to see what i'm talking about.


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Another Subbie owner. I know where you're coming from. You can either build a baffle out of MDF yourself or grab a pre-built one from http://www.iaperformance.com/ Just grab the "thick" spacers. You can get up to 2.8" with the spacers, but I know people have squeezed in 3" deep sets if need be.

When I was in the market for speakers, I limited myself to 2.5" and under just for ease of placement. There are quite a few options from DLS, CDT, Focal, most everything from Boston Acoustics, Infinity, Morel(or Morel based: DLS Iridium, Phoenix Gold Ti Elites), Illusion Audio, and some more I can't think of.

I went with the PG Elites via Phoenix Gold Direct's store on Ebay. They seemed like the least of a compromise. They are discontinued but still available, at least woofer pair or woofer + xover, but no tweeters. Morel has a lively presence, highly detailed, and strong upper midrange presence. Midbass is quite subtle but clean down to 80-100Hz but only strong down to around 150Hz. At a mear 2.2", it's plenty easy to fit. Pricing is dirt cheap for a Morel speaker.

Shop around. There are actually quite a few options. However, some of the better speakers out there are quite deep, a good 3" deep. If you don't mind cutting through the door panel and actually mounting the speaker through or to the outside of the plastic panel, 3" is easy to fit, just need some 1" MDF. You can only run up to 3/4" or so under the plastic panel and still not have the woofer hit the panel when playing(using extention door pins).

I run an older Forester, so my door is a touch different, not a solid piece but rather with a removable plastic cover over the speaker, kind of neat but harder to work around for clearance.

Have fun shopping. Demo as much as you can to find the sound you like.
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