Sub cuts out?


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Yesterday for the first time my sub cut out, and it kept doing it for a few seconds, then it'd come back on for a little bit. The amp was really hot, even though I'd only been running it for about 20 minutes.

I had the gain cranked all the way up at the time, and it's a really old amp. It doesn't seem to do it when the gain's at about 75%, but I haven't really had time to listen to it a lot since yesterday to see if it does.

Any ideas what it could be? My guess is it's just time for a new amp.

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The amp is going into thermal protect mode, that's it. If it didn't cut out, it would simply burn up:-)

New, bigger amp might be needed.

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having the gain all the way up is the first problem. its not a volume knob. it should be set to match the pre out voltage of the HU.

its either going into a thermal protection mode like Maris said, or it doesn't have enough current/voltage to keep it going.

either way, your clipping the amp so you will damage it and/or the speakers and/or the alternator eventually.
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