24v cap. what's the difference????????


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i was wondering, whats the difference between a 24v cap and a 12v cap?do u wire them differently?is there an advantage to a 24v cap?wouldnt 24V fry ur 12V amp?

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Are you sure it's 24v cap? Normally, the voltage you see on the cap is the maximum it'll handle before overloading.

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that would make sense, but why would you need that? if anything exceeds 14.4 volts wont it blow a fuse?

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no if the current exceeds a certain amprege a fuse will blow...yeah and a 24v cap is the max it will take...just gimmiks anyway...a ho alt is the best way to go...really most caps stores try to sell cost like 100-200$ (cheap ones obviuoulsy less) but for that u can get a ho alt...and run a full size regfrigorator if u want

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they are usually marked 12V/XXV...the second number is the highest surge voltage it can take before causing damage to the cap.
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