Loooking for one bad@ss sub.. any oppinions??


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Hey whats up-

For a while I was runnin two 10"type R's in a slot ported box and was very happy with them till my car got jacked along with em. I got the car back, but no subs or amp.

Now Im lookin to replace my subs, but this time around Im thinkin I want to go with a single ported sub that is beefer than the 10s so I can save some space. I thought about a single JL 10w6, but I want to know my options first before I fork over 400 bucks. If I can get great SPL as well as SQ in a sub for cheaper I will do it.

What all have you guys heard n liked that might work for me?? I listen to mainly rap/hiphop, but can listen to rock/country and music like dave mathews band. Any help/oppions would be great!! thanks


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acsent audio are dirt cheap and really good

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soundsplinter rl-p

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www.reaudio.com defintly go with the Resonant Engineering SX 12 the sx is an amazing sub rated at 1000watts rms and 2000 peak... do it... go for that one... its gonna run u about 475 tho

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I've been seeein alot of recomendations on the 12" SS rl-p. Who else owns this sub/has heard it??? Same with resonant engineering. That SX looks BEEFY!!! But is a bit much for what Im lookin to spend. I almost spent the 400 on that JL, but I figure with some advice from all u experts out there I could prolly do alot better for cheaper.

Really Im lookin for 300 or less for my sub. And I neeed to get some bumps back in my car quick! Haha the walmart sub I borrowd from a friend isnt quite cuttin it :S. Its kinda embarassing too lol. My type Rs were nice, but this thing is a joke!

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Get the SX man just look at it its sayin feed me all the power you got.lol jk

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yeah well back to your first comment, if you were willin to spend 400 on a w6 you should defidently go with the w7, to me its worth the xtra 300 bucks. the performance and power that thing gives out is amazing and barely any1 else would be able to match you. Theirs obviously other drivers that can sound just as loud but not as good at the same time. To me the only other sub that could come close to that in sq and spl is the xxx's which are over a grand now. But if you want the best go with a dub 7
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