How to run 2 4 ohm dvc subs at 1 ohm


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I have 2 4 ohm dvc subs and need to hook them up at 1 ohm to a amp that is 1100 rms x 1. Right now i have them each hooked up to seperate amps bridged on them for 500 rms at 4 ohms. would i take them out of the box and change the way they are wired or keep them like that. Also both subs have seperate speaker wire so if the amp is 1100 x 1 do you put both + from the subs into the 1 + on the amp and both - from the subs into the 1 - on the amp?

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So you are saying that you have each sub hooked up to a 2 channel amp brigded @ 4-ohms? Sorry but there is no way to hook up a DVC 4-ohm sub for 4 ohms, it's not possible. As for hooking up the 2 subs together to make a 1 ohm load on the mono amp, that is possible. Just do a parrallel/parallel hook up and yeild a final 1 ohm load.

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Isaac, you can hook 2 dual 4 to a 4ohm bridged,

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i think he says how to hook up 2 dual 4ohm subs to make 1 ohm..... =Dual+Voice+Coil+-+4+ohms+x+2...or if u have two outputs (like my Mb quart Raa-1000) u can just wire each sub up for 2 ohms....and run into each output...

but just twist the wire put it into the amp...

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He's using two amps right now. Only way he could have it at 4 ohms is if he's using two 4-channel amps bridged, which would be a little weird.
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