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I want to get new subs...... i am deciding still and am not sure what to go with.... for 300$ or less for each sub what would my best choice of sub be? I am leaning towards SQ on this on. I want to add it with my SPL system but if it sounds crappy togethor... it goes in a differnt car.... I like how 1ohm sounds the best so perferably i would want subs that could handle 1 ohm, being a pair. The amp that will push them will be decided once i find out on what subs i get and what they need... i want it to bang pretty damn hard....earlier i had somebody pull up next to me on Lake Shore Drive.... i had my windows up and all with my system up... i got my old system back in there working fine(SPL 8000-10000watts or so) and i had it up loud.... i could still hear the bass lines from the car next to me over mine fine.....any idea on what kinda system that guy coulda had it was f***ing nuts i dont kno how he coulda sat in the car with it that loud my ears pop like crazy just from my system and then hearing his over mine?????... Is that a SQ system maybe... i only really heard SPL systems for the most part never heard a SQ system that has anything more then 1000watts.... and it deffinetly wasnt alot of bass compared to any SPL i heard.... Now why cant i ever get my system to sound that good LOL

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For the subs, get DLS MW series (magnum, if I remember it right). To me (and many others) they sound better than IDQ's and the price is under $300 each.

Also, to have it very loud and nice (to reasonable levels) you don't need more than 1200W RMS total. 2x12's or 2x10's plus a 3way or a 2way component set up front thats it. 400W RMS total going to the comps and the rest to the subs. Only thing is - all the audio components have to be pretty good quality.
A lot of people don't realize what you can get out of a good 5 1/4 comp set if powered with clean "juice" and complimented with 2 or 1 great sub.
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