Ford ZX2 Install


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read everything first - unhook the battery if you don't know what your doing - unlock the dash see pic unclip everything (climate controls) feel around with your fingers. the temp control will always be a bit difficult if you give it a firm pull it will come apart - keep the temp control to all the way to one side it will be easier to put it back to gather - you will need an after market dash. I went to the auto wreckers and stole one along with a wire harness. if you can not find one go to ebay, ford or best buy it comes with a small box attached to it this part is for the rear defrost button. it has two wires the same colour (yellow) it doesn't matter what wire goes where that is what the small attached box does (its a power inverter) solder that part first and tape it - in the back upper left corner facing the dash there is a spare speaker harness (black) see pic. this is for the after market radio you can unclip it or push it off its hinge. cut the wires that are in a loop (ford has a factory harness and an after market harness to make it easier for you to install the factory radio later on) solder the after market radio wire harness to theses wires see link [ ] - I had to run new wires to the rear its not hard. I used speaker wire for a house stereo, its all the same - run it form the deck and under the carpet pull it back and feed it along the door trim comes right up just give it pull and tuck it under the seat - then cut the old connections off the rear speakers in the trunk be care full no to physically damage you speakers - I used the wire harness for the power wires but the aftermarket wire harness adapter had two of every wire. I had to attach the two ANT wires, the two ING wire, the two BAT wire and the two GND wires to make it work. the aftermarket radio would not get enough voltage - if you do not have an after market wire harness adapter cut the factory power harness (gray) see pic follow the chart see pic and use the colour codes to solder the aftermarket radio harness - reinstall the aftermarket dash, reattach the controls, then attach the cage and feed the aftermarket radio harness through the hole. don't forget about the antenna wire. attach the aftermarket radio slide it in the hole - change the fuse by the driver peddles form a 7.5v to 10v (you can get theses free from the auto wreckers if you don't have any spares) if you don't change it, it will keep on blowing the fuse and the radio won't work. the radio will not be damaged from this because it come with its own 10v fuse - reattach the battery if you attached it and remember to take your time.

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