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I have a Viper 800ESP installed in my car right now, it was installed by a local shop. I bought a 791xv and want to install it myself, I have examined the install manual for the 791xv and a 500ESP, cant seem to find an instal manual for the 800ESP... Anyways I am wondering if this is going to be pretty much a strait forward plug and play type install. I do not want to use the remote start features so those are not installed currectly and I don;t plan on using it either so that will just be left disconnected...

Will the plugs to the brain pretty much just be the same?

What all will I have to do to install this new brain into my current setup?


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they are two different systems. Your going to be cutting wires. none of the wire harnesses are the same. I seem to remember there is something about you need to hook up the starter as well or the system will not work correctly. My suggestion get the system professionally installed or Viper will void your warranty. Pay the extra and have good guys do it for you those systems are difficult to have working correctly and they are very touchy if installed incorrectly. For example if the Relay pack is too close to the main brain of the system you lose range, on a system with only 1500 feet range this is very important.

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I just installed the 791xv, with remote start, all works OK. There is a small risk self installing DEI alarms since they only warrenty authorized installs. Understandably, they probably got sued for bad DIY installs. Probably DEI's own fault though cuz their documentation is technically illiterate from an engineering viewpoint. But DEI manufacturers reliable products.

My beef with DEI Vipers is that they package a less secure default 'Shock' sensor instead of the more secure proximity 'doppler' sensor. Pretty pathetic.

Alarm manufacturers are sadly more market driven not true security driven. Still the viper 791 (2 way pager included), with added motion 508 sensor, is the best, most reliable car security you can buy second only to stealth GPS eg lojack.

Authorized install does NOT mean reliable install, but it is backed by DEI. You would do well to thoroughly test an authorized certified install. eg shop installers are probably lazy about static charge safety cuz they don't understand it

If you DIY install the Viper, 1) be Static Discharge safe eg buy "anti-static" strap and keep your own wrist connected to vehicle ground at ALL time when handling alarm brain, cuz carpet static creates damaging sparks 2) NEVER touch bare connector pins at alarm brain or at it's cable harness 3) electric tape exposed unused pins 4) connect alarm brain ground wire first to vehicle chassis 5) remove power brain fuse (red) finally for 791 hook up 6) INS: 12v power wire, door trigger, hood pin, sensor, IGnition at relay satellite, valet switch, antenna, factory alarm if needed OUTS: siren, LED.

A bunch of wires can remain unconnected (but individually electric taped) and the basic alarm will work.

7) connect fuse, alarm should work.

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WAS 3) electric tape exposed unused pins
IS 3) electric tape unused exposed wires
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