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I have a 95 BMW 3 series.
The previous owner replaced the HU. He left the OEM speakers in however. I want to change that.

Sounds simple so far...right? Yeah, I thought so too.
Here is where the fun begins though.

I thought that both the front and the back speakers took 5.25. OH NO!!!
BMW in their wisdom decided that having something as large as a 5.25 speaker in the rear was WAY too much. It is a 4in speaker.
Since I have opted against just sticking a HEADPHONE back there, I need to figure out another path.
I am going to have to build an adapter to mount a larger speaker under the deck. Cutting the deck is not a good option because even if I wanted to risk that, the deck has levels and a speaker would not mount it would look like crap.
Therefore, I am going to have to mount either a 6.5 in speaker to an adapter or a 6x9 speaker to an adapter...
And this is where I need the guidance.

I want REALLY good sound. I want to feel like I am in the concert and want to hear all the detail. I like the mids and highs..and although I am not looking to be one of those kids in a thumping car, I want to not have flat sound either. I want a little punch.
I will only have 5.25 speakers in the front.
I am not going to have a that idea is out.

I know that a lot of the more discerning ears here hate 6x9 speakers...but most of them even admit that 6x9 has more base.
But being in the back, do they detract that much from the sound quality that I would get from a 6.5?
And will a good 6.5 offer enough base and punch that I would not want to go the 6x9 route?

I would really appreciate some guidance here.
I would also really appreciate some input on the model and brand of speakers that would do what I want.

I have looked at Polk and I have looked at Infinity....I have even glanced at Alpine but I have been told by a friend that their quality has suffered in the past few years.
I do like the idea of a tweeter that can be pointed though. I would also prefer not going to components.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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look into a pair of Tang band 6.5 subwoofers to go in the rear IF you can fit them in and facilatate the depth. These will sound quite nice for the midbass and low end. Also if you can make some kicks up front, i'd for budget purposing stick a set of coaxs in the kicks and a 5.25 midrange driver in the doors.

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So what I am taking from this response is that a 6.5 speaker CAN provide a little punch in the rear.
Am I mistaken in thinking that a 6x9 is superior in the base then?

Also, the door can take a 3 in speaker ...max.
The kicks can take a 5.25 in speaker max.

And other than Tang..what other models and brands should I be looking at?


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The best setup for your application is (in my opinion), component sets, and separate amplifiers.

Look into the following brands;

Diamond Audio
JL Audio

I am sure you will find more brands to choose from, but these are just a few off the top of my head.

I am not going to do the research for you, but if you want to remain stock looking without a sub, and preffer mid-bass out of 4-51/4" co-axial drivers, then you may want to be educated on what to look for.

Here is what you will need'

Look at divers that high Qts (above 50). High Qts drivers do not depend so much on enclosures and therefore will deliver lower frequncies better than lower Qts drivers, in not so perfect circuimstances. High Qts drivers will sound better in door or rear lid applications.

ANother tip is to look at drivers that have a high Qms and a low Qes. Higher Qms means tighter rebound suspension. Lower Qes means efficient. Qes is the electrical input, Qms is the mechanical output.

By the way, co-axial speakers are limited in quality compared to component sets. You wil be disappointed going co-axial compared to separate components.

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I know only one good coax and it is

You should go with separates, I think.

Don't go with a 6x9 if you want "concert" in your car.

DLS and Morel (and others) can offer you quite a bit of lows with their 5 and 6 inch drivers.

I think Mixneffect is right about the componet sets and separate amps setup.

For the amps you should prob look at
Arc Audio
Diamond Audio

Well, really good sound does come at a price, a lot of it is up to your budget.

I will just add a few to Mixneffect's list for the speakers to consider

Focal, MB Quart (if you like the sound of those)

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