Looking for a pair of 6x9 and 5 1/4


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was wondering if kicker's speakers were as efficient as their subwoofers by getting loud and sound good at a reasonable price? was thinking on maybe getting:

6x9 http://cgi.ebay.com/PAIR-NEW-KICKER-360w-KS693-6x9-3-WAY-CAR-SPEAKER-SYSTEM_W0QQ itemZ9724748205QQcategoryZ14942QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

5 1/4 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2-NEW-KICKER-DS525-5-1-4-5-25-140w-CAR-AUDIO-SPEA KERS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ38646QQitemZ8067604515QQtcZphoto

I want something that can compliment my new system that im gonna install as soon as my amp comes in (2 10" kicker cvx and NINe.1 amp).

I still have the factory speakers that came with my '01 Dodge Ram quad cab. It has 6x9's in the front and 5 1/4's in the back.

I just want something i can play LOUD without having them distort. The stock speakers that came with my truck distort really easily on some songs even if I turn the bass all the way down. :-(

If you see any better option for speakers from that same ebay store plz let me know. Im already planning on getting a p960mp HU from them and their shipping is pretty low and prices seem reasonable and if you purchase more than 1 thing from them, the'll combine shipping, so it all seems to work out well. Thanks for reading all this and thanks for any replies you guys post.


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links don't work but i've never liked kicker anyrthing so my vote is look elsewhere.

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Ok, a few things. The links worked fine for me but I've also never liked Kicker products and specifically, I don't like the sound of their speakers (at least the ones I've heard). I searched that ebay store and put together a couple of sets that I would go for before the Kickers. Before I get to that though, I think it's important to point out that any speaker is going to distort at high volumes if it's not being provided with enough power to handle the signal you're feeding it. The only way to illiminate disortion is by amping your speakers with more than the 22W RMS that your deck will put out (that's a pretty nice deck you've picked out by the way). So, you may find that you're not going to be happy until you get a decent two or four channel amp for your speakers, that's up to you though.

Ok, with that out of the way, here are the speakers I'd go with before the Kickers. I run Polk speakers myself but that seller doesn't offer them, these are both good alternatives though.

Boston Acoustic s55 5.25 speakers
Boston Acoustic s95 6x9 speakers

Alpine Type S 5.25 speakers
Alpine Type S 6x9 speakers

Of the two sets, I'd probably go with the Bostons. Even though they handle less power I think Boston speakers sound cleaner than Alpine. That's just me though, and I've run Alpine 6x9s in the past and was fairly happy with them. Everybody will have different opinions on sound so whatever sounds best to you will be what you should go with, this is just my two cents.

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its not that your not providing enough power, its that your not providing enough clean power. a HU will usually start clipping at or before 3/4 volume at which point, the speakers will distort. HU's also only put out about 13W rms per channel, if that much. thats not enough to get any kind of decient volume level. thats the reason for external amps. so if you want the speakers loud enough to keep up with the subs, get an external amp. also have to get decient speakers that will handle some power too.

the 960 is a good HU, but it has been known to have problems with the dual flip face deal. the 860, if you can still find one, is the same unit as the 960, just with a normal face.

either of the speakers Darek mentioned above will be nice. thoes Type S's aren't known for taking any kind of power though. i'd prob pick the Bostons over the Alpines. sound is subjective though, so try to listen to them before you decide on a set.

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Please don't go with any 6x9's, put in an adapting plate and install 6's instead.

Any 6x9's are about as bad as it gets (even the 5 way's:-))
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