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I have a Clarion DRX9675z head unit. it is a good sounding unit but it just will not read 70% of the cds I try to play in it. new, like new, slightly scratched. it doesn't seem to matter. i have tried numerous lens cleaners with no luck.
first, does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this problem?
Also, could anyone recommend head units, from within the last 10-12 years that have preamps only, no built in power, and also units that are famous for being able to read and play most all cds (i.e. not too finicky). I was looking at maybe a Sony C90 or C910, or Alpine 7949. your recommendations would be appreciated. thanks.

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Great topic for discussion. Normally the higher end units do indeed have more finicky CD players...

The Sony C90 would be a great choice-especially for its CD playing capabilities. I know it does CD-R well and should do CD-RW if it's worth mentioning. The Alpine would not be a good choice...it won't play most CD-Rs and has major problems playing scratched CDs. To throw in another head unit worthy of mentioning, you might want to check out the Pioneer DEX-P1R...it can be finicky with some scratched CDs, but does play CD-Rs, though not CD-RWS.

Not sure if you've looked at the Clarion DRX9255...I wouldn't suggest it either because of a finicky CD player similar to the Alpine.

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But I love Alpine, Arlan, 7949 is a great unit, but it's pretty hard to find a good used one. I had 7930 and then replaced it with 7995 and it sounded better, I couldn't believe that I can hear difference between 2 preamp only HU's made by the same company. 7998 is also very good and it has more features than 7995.

Long live the preamp only HU's:-)

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I have the Alpine 9857, nice unit......

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But 9857 is not preamp only. Preamp only guys are a different breed:-)
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