Wiring Help.... 2 chamber box


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i am thinking about getting a new ported box for my 2 15" l7s and was wondering if this would be any good.
http://cgi.ebay.com/DUAL-15-PORTED-KICKER-SOLOBARIC-L5-L7-ENCLOSURE-BOX_W0QQitem Z9722633352QQcategoryZ14945QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Specifically Designed for (2) 15" Kicker Solo-Baric L5/L7 Subs
Solid 3/4" MDF Construction
Port Tuned to 38Hz (Gets LOUD while retaining sound quality!)
Computer Tuned for Optimum Performance
Super Duty Gold Hook Up Terminals
Show Quality Custom Carpet
Dimensions (W x H x D): 40.5" x 17" x 17.5"

the box has 2 chambers.
also how would i wire it? my subs are dual 2ohm subs and my amp is 2ohm stable (kx2500.l)


i dont know how i would wire this if the box doesnt connect the chambers. the subs have their OWN chambers



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http://www.crutchfieldadvisor.com/learningcenter/car/subwoofers_wiring.html?subs =1&impedance=DVC2x2
wire each sub like option number 2 on the link, its the one where they a wired to a 4ohm load, then wire them to your amp (positive from both subs to positive on amp, and same with negative wires) this will present your amp with a 2ohm load.

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thanks alot do u think that box will do an alright job or would u guys not recomemnd it

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i have a 1990 honda civic and i want to hook up my cd player but the owner b4 me had cut all the wires so i cant hook up a wireing harness and i was wondering the color codes of the wires and what each wire is and if someone send me these i would appreacheat it my email is sconi_boi_88@hotmail.com thanks

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1988-91 Honda Civic
Constant 12V+ Blue/White
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Red
Ground Black
Illumination Red/Black
Front Speakers
Left Front (+) Blue/Green
Left Front (-) Gray/Black
Right Front (+) Red/Green
Right Front (-) Brown/Black
Rear Speakers
Left Rear (+) Blue/Yellow
Left Rear (-) Gray/White
Right Rear (+) Red/Yellow
Right Rear (-) Brown/White

Hope this help

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