Problem: Kicker Sub/Alpine Amp + Kenwood head unit


J. Cordell
Here is my car sound set-up:

- Headunit: Kenwood KDC-MP919 CD/MP3 Receiver
- Sub-amp: Alpine MRD-M500 Mono Sub Amp 900 Watt
- Woofer: Kicker Solo-Baric S10L5 10" L5

I recently purchased the Woofer & Sub-amp above. Everything appears to be wired properly and I believe that the head unit is configured correctly. My problem is that I am getting sound from the sub on an intermiitant --- it comes and goes.

Any ideas on how to diganose which component the problem is with?


1st, make sure the speaker wires are tightly fastened to your sub and amp terminals. second, make sure your power wire is fastened tightly into your amp.check these simple things first.also,is your sub a dvc? if so,it bridged to your amp could be running your amp at 1 ohm,which it might not be able to handle. possibly watch your amp while this problem is happening to see if it is cutting out.if none of this helps, bring it to your nearest car audio store to have them check it out.

J. Cordell
Thx loud-n-low but unfortunately we are still have the same problem ... I guess it's off to the car audio store this weekend.

Thanks again.

J Cordell
Our problem is all fixed ... after going over every inch of the system install we figured out that the ground on the sub-amp was bad ... it was cutting in and out which explains the intermittent sound we were getting from the sub.
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