Wiring 3 10' Pioneer Subs


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I have 3 10' Pioneer subs there 4 ohm each SingleVC and i want to put them on my Kenwood amp the subs are i think 500watts each and the amp 1000 watt 2/ch. I want to be able to hook these 3 subs up for a total of 4ohms so i can bridge it to the amp... Or if i cant do that, i Have 2 audiobahn immortals i can throw on it to they are both Quad 2ohm VC's or just add one.... whatever will get me to 4ohms and still give me a little bang until i get my mono block back..... But i really dont want to use the Audiobahns.... i think they may be defects ohm readings are .8 for 1 ohm and 3.0 for 4ohm wiring configs....And it causes my amp(any amp they been on) to get very very hot, and eventually start cutting out.

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what's the specs on your amp? you sure the amp can go that low of a load, if not that's probably why it overheats and cuts off.


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Well the kenwood is 2ohm-4ohm 2ohm each channel, and 4ohm bridged. 1000watt digital amp. The earthquake is 1 and 2 ohm stable (digital mono block)from what they told me at earthquake and from what audiobahn says in the manual they are wired correct for it and still read .8 but any other speakers i hook up dont get the amp hot so i look at them..

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with the pioneers u can only hook uo 1 for 4 ohm load.. if you hook up 2 to one channel u can get a 2 ohm load.. or 4 ohm each channel.. if you hook up 3 to a channel u will get a 1.34 ohm load
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