Wtf is with these forums


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Username: Rzarector

Coquitlam, Bc Canada

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Registered: Dec-04
i swear.. i sit here mindless for hours randomly clicking on posts, dont reply to 90% them then feel like an idiot when i finally get off the computer cause i wasted so much time.. anyone else do this or am i retarded?

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Username: Basshead86

Slowcala, FL The one that...

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i am just like oyu except i answer about 30-40% of them, and then when i get off i can't wait to get back on.....i am addicted to talking about car audio.:-O

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Username: Van_man

Boston, MA

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Well if im not here, learing bout stuff, I thinking bout it. Driving to audio shops to see some of the stuff talked about on this site. I should be out on my bike, or cleaning the yard or working on my 54 olds...or paying attention to my wife....Thank god im finished with my install, maybe now i can get back to reality....Hopefully this is the last post.....good luck...

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Username: Kyle_lowe

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i just keep coming back wanting to learn more.

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Username: Winterfreshpimp

Chisago, MN America

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yeah... that why i just got like 7 peoples aim so i can ask them a q and have it answerd in like 3 secs.

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Username: Alexv305

Tavernier, FL USA

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Lol, most people don't answer questions because you can find most answers right on or any other internet resource site for car audio. This forum is for technical stuff I belive, things like troubleshooting.

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Username: Thomas_g


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Yup Yup i have a lot of GOOD questions so you guyz can answer im also addicted to car audio. On this chat site i feel like an idiot but when i go to a local audio store i feel like an expert cuz those guyz dont know sh!t!

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Username: Timothy_314

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LOL i love to learn about car audio!!!!! but on other site they think im stupid for askin dumb q. but w/e

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Username: Thomas_g


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Thanx 2 all u guyz u da shizznitz!!!

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Username: 420pimp2

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Registered: Jan-06
i used 2 do that but i dont get on as much i learned all i wana no for now
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