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Any suggestions on how to deal with an amp over heating? I am looking to re-do a stereo in a boat, but I have been having a big problem with overheating. MTX advertises built in cooling fans, do any others have good cooling systems? Or should I just have a couple fans pushing and pulling air over the amps?


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Your probably driving it too hard if it's overheating. Class A/B amps tend to get warmer than class D too. Are you clipping your amp? How long does it take for it to overheat?

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I havent used it since last summer, but it really seemed to depend on how hot it was outside. I do a lot of sitting where there isnt a whole lot of air movement, and I am thinking that is my problem. Basically I am trying to decide between buying 2 Orion amps (4002, 8002) and an Apline MRP-M600 or paying a lot more and going with 3 MTX's (TA7402, TA5604, TA7801). Basically the MTX's are going to cost $600 more, and I am thinking I could put an airconditioner in for that!

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Hi Bill,

Was Alpine an option for you? Not sure if that was an option for you, but i have a MRD-1005 and the cooling and temperature management is quite nice so far.

They have 2 small quiet fans that force air through many several openings.

But thats not all :-)

Pulled this from the brochure:

Computer Control - Thermal Management IC.
This digital processor monitors the temperatures of various sections of the amp, and automatically reduces power output by 6db if the heat becomes excessive. Moreover, an additional smart logic chip controls the efficient airflow system, automatically changing the fan speed for optimum performance

So Alpine is nice, quality, but not that cheap.

Hope this helps!
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