Nose tingle


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Sorry if this is a re post, I posted before and I cant find it. I was wondering if ne one knows what db nose tingle starts.

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wouldnt that have to do more with the frequency. Its pretty loud when i get the nose tingle but its only with certain bass notes.

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i didnt get a tingle, but felt the bone behind my nose vibrate to the beat!! This bone was almost to the middle of my head, but like 1 inch behind my nose...

I was in my boi Tahoe, with 4 15s TSXS, it hitt so hard and low, it wasnt funny!! :-) I think we was playin some Jeezy.... but that was about 150db....

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nose tingle also has to do with the seats too, because if ur seats vibrate and shake alot when ur sitting on them, the vibration will go upwards, but if ur seat doesnt shake much then ur nose wont tingle. + freqency and how low it plays. IMO

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i agree w/ bassman3...that tingle has alot to do w/ your seats....low freq (~35hz) in the high 130's will give a dam nice 'tingle' :-)

also...the loudest daily dtiver i have ever sit in didnt just tingle, that sh!t hurt. (8 L7 12's in a suburban) This guy (paul) could do usaci street beat (30sec spl average on music) and get 150+. That was at about was great. I got to ride around in that vehicle drinkin all weekend when i went to the spl comp at gator's drag.

just to put how loud that is in set up does 140dB and pretty much any freq between 30-60hz. (148db at 48hz) i have grown accustom to ~140dB on all the music i play...its pretty dam loud, but i can listen to it. BUT, in pauls truck...i literally had to put my fingers in my hears when it got low :-)

its dam near impossible to discribe was 150dB at 35-40hz is like...lmao, you just have to experience it to believe it.

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I was just curious to see about how much db im pushin. I get a little nose tingle that makes me want to itch my nose.

And I dont know about the seat thing, because my seat(actually the entire car)vibrates alot more with this new ported box that I built. But when I had it in the sealed box, car vibration was less and nose tingle was greater. I dont know. Thanx for all the replys though.
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