Can someone explain this to me


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What does this mean 1 x 1500
@ 14.4Vdc, 4 ohms Mono, 1.5% THD+N
In Watts, All Channels Driven
1500 x 1 @ 4 ohms, from 20-200 Hz, 14.4Vdc, 1% THD
CEA-2006 (Watts)
Signal to Noise Ratio -46
CEA-2006 (ref: 1W, A-weighted)

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that means that amp is rated at 1500 watts to 1 channel when given 14.4 volts and a 4 ohm load.
THD is total harmonic distortion and 1.5% is rather high, but for subs you prob won't notice.

the second rating is the same as the first, but the 20-200Hz is the frequency range the amp is designed to handle.

CEA-2006 is a rating system, which really means nothing although its suppose to keep companies from seriously overrating (false advertising) their stuff. theres ways around it.

not really sure how to explain signal to noise ratio, but you want that to be high and 46 is low.

A weighted means the numbers are supposively weighted to make them look better. Zapco talks about that in their manuals. not really sure about that either.

hope that helps and that someone can pick up the pieces i can't explain.

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So if I have 2 4 ohm subs, it will equeal out to 750 a piece? Does dual voice coil effect the rateing of watts. also 14.4 volts, how do you get it that type of voltage?

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If you have 2 single voice coil 4 ohm subs, you will be running the amp at either 2 ohms or 8 ohms. if the amp is 2 ohm stable then that is ok. If it is you be giving the subs(just guessing) around 1200-1500 watts a peice. If it isnt 4 ohm stable then you must wire it to 8 ohms. You will only get 350-400 watts to each sub. If the subs are dual 4 ohm then it will work better. You will want to wire the VC's in series and the subs in parallel. This will give your amp a 4 ohm load giving each sub 750 watts. Also, most stock electrical systems put out 13.8 volts when the engine is running. And most stock electrical systems can't handle a 1500 watt amp. If you run the amp at 13.8 you will lose around 100 watts. Not a noticible difference.

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How do I get stock electrical to 14.4? i have 2 12" dv subs thats rms is rated at 750. Also my amp is a 2500.1 amp. So, how do I go about runing it with stock electrical?

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it's going to dim in a matter of seconds, so you better start saving to buy a new alternator.
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