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The manual says at 1 ohm it iz 1000w rms. But the lanzar site says it iz 1800w max at 1.3 Ohm (at the same time itz saying 1 ohm stable) Bridged... Bridged... A Mono Amp. I dont understand.

K... also, i read up, found a diagram of 1.3 ohm, it statez i need 3 dvc 4 ohm subz. Hard to see when i know my trunk barely fits 2 15z.

Help iz Greatly Appreciated. Isaac

My old system wuz a 1600w 4 channel Soundstorm F4400... with 2 Lanzar 600w rms 15" subz, stolen rite out of my car last week by some hoodbumz. I miss my system so much. I havent cried... Hopefully i wont netime soon lol.

With the VIBE1800D, i planned on gettin two 15" Lanzar 1000w rms subz. Im hoping my new system will out bang my old one. NE Thoughts?

Thanks A Lot.

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Please Just a bit of guidance here. im in a begging mode. ;D

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what are the specs on the amp, and the subs, i.e. voice coils configs.

personally i'd stay away from lanzar, not the best. what's your budget, someone will be able to pick out a better system for you.

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I definitely agree with mike. Give us a budget for the amp and subs and we will give you sum better ideas. Lanzar is not a great company. You could put your money to better work.

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i own that amp, if you have the 2004 version (the one with 4x30 fuses) should be putting around 1200-1400 at 1 ohm, is a good amp man, you don't have to sell it, the manual has a lil mistake but the amp puts 1200+

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this is the previous version of the 1800D - performance should be very similar.

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Wow, thanks for all the feedback people.

My brother told me not to bother with lanzar either. But like i said, i had two 600w 15" lanzars that were hitting so hard my mother told me not to play my muzik in the parking lot... not her driveway... the parking lot! They were being powered by a soundstorm F4400- 1600w rms. They were definitly hitting hard, so i am 100 percent satisfied with lanzar.

My issue wuz regarding whether or not the VIBE1800D would put out as much as my soundstorm. I am gettin 1000w rms 15" lanzars this time.

Juliob basically answered my question (Will my new system outbang my old system?). A Big Fat NOOO, but it will come close... close enough hopefully.

I plan on gettin the hifonics BX2005, and some rockford fosgate 15" 1000w rms subz, around november-december, but rite now, my budget is 400 dollars not 1000.

So thanks to everyone for the attempt at helping me, but my question has been answered. Thanks alot.
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