Watts Limiting SPL?


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Okay, is there some sort of rule to determine how loud you can get with any given amound of Watts (RMS)? Not including how many subs or how much power they handle.

For example:
Lets say you have two 12s that handle 1000w RMS per sub and then you have two 15s that handle 1000w RMS per sub. If you have a 2000w RMS amp the 15s in general would be louder but what if you got four 500w RMS 15s? Would it continue to get louder?

Im just trying to see why it takes over 100k watts to break 180 dbs. Is it possible to break that with less than 100k watts?

You get what I'm sayin?

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Acctually doing 180db with "only" 100k watts is pretty good. Consider this. In general, if you want to double the sound output you must multiply the wattage by 10. Doubleing the wattage will give around a 3 db rise. and doubleing the surface area(adding another sub without increasing total wattage) will also add around 3 db. If you are running 4 15" with 500 watts a piece and are hitting around 150 db's, it would take in the nieghborhood of 20,000 watts to hit 160. It would take 200,000 to hit in the low 170's, and concievably 400,000 watts to hit around 180. Most competitors hitting numbers in the 170's use many drivers. Using more drivers in a system increases its efficiency. For example. I am running 4 Adire Tempests. Alone they have an spl(sensitivity,1w/1m)88 db's. But with all four wwired in parallel, the system sensitivity rises to 100 db's thats around twice as loud.
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